As mediators, we encourage collaboration and facilitate productive discussion so that you and your partner can make your own informed decisions about how to best resolve the conflicts you face. We do not take sides or impose decisions.

Stalder Mediation will guide you and your partner through the following process:

Initial Meeting and Discussion of Process
We begin with a discussion about the mediation process to make sure it is right for both of you. As attorneys, we are well-versed in the litigation and collaborative law processes and can assist in clarifying the benefits and drawbacks of all approaches.

Gather Information and Identify Issues
Next we gather information about your individual circumstances to clarify the areas that require the most attention – often these include children, real estate, and finances. We also make you aware of any additional topics that need to be addressed.

Discuss Issues
Issue by issue, we work together to identify and understand each of your interests and needs. A full understanding of both perspectives opens the door to effective problem-solving and creative solutions.

Identify and Evaluate Options
With a full understanding of both of your views and priorities, we work with you to generate possible solutions and help you evaluate these options.

Having fully explored and evaluated all options, you will be well-positioned to make the decisions that will work best for you and your family.

Drafting Agreement
If an agreement is reached, and if it is appropriate, we will draft a separation agreement to reflect the decisions you have made. Once signed, this agreement can be used as the basis for filing divorce papers or, for non-divorcing clients, can serve as a contract between you.

At all times, Stalder Mediation tailors the mediation process to meet the individual needs of our clients.